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Love Shayari1

Love Shayari   **When someone wants to see the eyes,    the heart is relieved by seeing it,    how can anyone forget when someone becomes someone else’s habit. **In the absurdity,    we had taken an intention to do this hearted desire more than the extent that they would not be       able

Friends Shayari12

Friends Shayari     **Tears come before . before crying . dreams are broken. Before people sleep, people say love is a crime . I wish nobody would stop it before it is a crime. **Some crazy person thinks someone is crazy, but only the cloud understands the fate of the earth, how far away

Friends Shayari11

Friends Shayari     **Never write a name on the sand on the sand, the name never stays on the people People say that we are the stone heart but the names written on stones never disappear **I wish he would have felt the pain of this heart, if we did not do it, he

Friends Shayari10

Friends Shayari     **In whose memory we became engrossed, they have begun to become useless, perhaps they have a new love because they are old in their eyes. **You can never forget your face, you can not even suppress your memories. After all, my life will go away but no one else can sit

Friends Shayari9

Friends Shayari   **When you came to meet you, remembering yesterday’s life, the tiredness of life started again, but when you heard the name of someone else’s name, then again the darkness of the new moon came again. **Why did my awakened hope was awakened … If the heart had to burn, then why did

Friends Shayari8

Friends Shayari     **Those who love are not killed, Hindus say they are Muslims; They are buried, but they do not say why they did not say that they. **We were killed in the wake of an insult of humiliation. **I want to live but I do not have the secret to die, but

Friends Shayari7

Friends Shayari     **To understand the extent of love, I do not have to talk about it. I do not have to talk about the things of the heart. It is a matter of things. Then in your heart, it dies due to you, otherwise it is not a matter of my life. **Since

Friends Shayari6

Friends Shayari     **Wish it would not have been separatist separation! O God, you would not have made this thing! Neither we would meet him without love! Life that was your own would not have been defeated. **How much pain is not shown in the heart, it is not severe, it can not be

Friends Shayari5

Friends Shayari     **We learned to play from the pain now. We learned to live with infidelity. Tell me, how heart is broken, I learned to sleep in a shroud before my death. **Unknowingly, we sat down at the heart of this love, how they cheated on what to forget about them, forget what

Friends Shayari4

Friends Shayari     **When you have left, why are you going to look over and over again, why do you see the silence in silence and make a life of gum-e-phasana and why do you look at me by swan. **Someone’s memories remain around me, I have been disturbed for a long time, but

Friends Shayari3

Friends Shayari   **Tears of my eyes are saying to me now that the pain is so much that you can not get stuck, do not let the leftover sparkle, and now I can not live in these eyes. **Nadan not forget about their statements and do not love them, they will not come near

Friends Shayari2

Friends Shayari   **Lots were lost from my pen, maybe he too became unfaithful today. Perhaps when the sleep started, there was water in Palco, my scream might have hit me. **You do not remember the wandering the world that you wandered in the deserted world, but a captive Parvade said this, we have forgotten

Friends Shayari1

Friends Shayari     **After you go, there is no support, even if you have never cried in the loneliness, even if you still want but still you are not ours. **Hey, you do not want to be like anybody. You will be killed. We also come near you to die, but where do you

Friends Shayari

Friends Shayari   **what are the answers to their recent questions? All questions were wrong. They can not protect the three words in their hand, what is the whole book of life in their hands. **You will not be able to forget, but you will not be able to bring anybody to the notice, but
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