Amawas ki night

Amawas ki night real ghost stories


Story mouthful night! He was a horrible night at night will stand rongte mouthful night that you read story is otherwise could be dangerous to vote at bhutas behind behind it can also!! thinking people see view! Don’t see the grows, don’t see Rathin’t see keep quietly read story flesh said see nothing ftv was not vote! But, only scared noes similarly fear of fear has formulated a thing says O Lord has fear that thereafter we people fear view bus-are being are being of fear to win when will this fear out after death, perhaps because after death! look out all are afraid khallas bakwas bar all this has become very story of this fear is still when story should go fear closer read. It is a time famine invented I never had not famine, also the name was a stronghold famine has now even! and famine name of this village famine invented! When the famine a story of this village also! What not sunaoga will understand, you what hour I not Ah! The real thing are now coming to go! famine invented i two brothers Ashok and Dinesh lived with his wife fine! Dinesh was good and ashok I! Was not ashok married! Was on!


A few days later Ashok also married! Some days continued, TIDY! I do not was on his wives i o together, he lived separately done of both fesla lived separately was very shirker be engaged Dinesh! before that he brother Ashok with little work was completed and shirk day he was bar and its economic situation faulty and Ashok their work with their hard work been correct he produced enough field all this was very lamps his brother-looking Dinesh! Was true Ashok from our side, on one day Dinesh and his wife together have Ashok’s wife was killed night I was outside Ashok any work was a night amawas night! Email he was on his complete! Moon were stars when tima Tim-was quite silent! night they first both of them by his house before the grain Chura liya when Ashok’s wife to find that his grain is that no plagiarism then he saw Dinesh and his wife grain stealing I salute were engaged!

Then Ashok that what are you be biwi said that his home and his wife it i theft Dinesh thought that if it has told the villagers only from proceeding, it would expel village people he killed this fear of his wife and I came burial of forest away! morning when Ashok home, are not seen his grain was left little he had diverse! When he came to his wife, did not answer any imposed on voice he did not anywhere on its all the house may sift it then he asked his sister-in-law where my wife, he said, I do not know of hadbda till yesterday evening, he was at home, so enquired from neighbors ask someone has said not known at home and any told by evening, he was very nervous and some people told that the entire House is grain and my wife of Chura liya any has also not know where he saw home-jacket, then, he got a knigh from those technique and some blood had also.

I understand it has come everything that he is stolen by any of the grain! embarked on its roof, he had seen some grains, he also fell on doubts on his brother Dinesh Ashok otherwise also his brother Dinesh was not therefore, he said that many prestige! Then one day Dinesh said that with the same coin aaja living alone we remain our view Dinesh, he cannot deny it therefore with him a shot of mind! Some people of village and his wife were called saying that the slum she was with grain was poor Ashok alone said that all these anywhere, was getting to hear it! What he can not say anything thing was to his brother Muscovites discovered that some people of one day it is from the forest village were taking wood! Cut, they were perhaps that they are then heard the sound of a woman cries, he said that no way to this jungle is what, it was not, people had been given on the same side fell voice he saw some distance explains a woman is to sit down to a down! unless he is the smallest he have disappeared! Those people have seen, they were afraid when such seen, sweat fragmented, a sound of engaged them now you never this forest trees and whatever wood not come here he shall be withdrawn and wood bites rracting you who neither be me harpy says harpy right from today I never fall you people do not village water will die here only amawas famine and night a scraping”I peasantry and labor village will you all to villagers may two from today three days later amawasya!

Death of a man is Perhaps killed who is to me: will not be called to my grain 9.12 bounds chodugi village harpy me I have not given today baksh speakers I”let go get away from the forest”I left my two alone preparation me again two go and what was fear that people were engaged cries all this woman what was the reason cries a man, he said: “I was saying killed grain of Chura liya and I mean godsend for foodgrains which nobody has Ashok of was killed and it has become harpy! A whiff a horrible face before you who were so far not go from here, I will also shot otherwise noblest heritagetruth were recovered flythe coastline coastline harpy! their saying he reached the village-enter it all of them were such groaning with pain I never so much! life will flee villages has thus the escaping saw them what happened saying harpy-harpy bke is being further some bolo ay you speak is on our lives are lying what happened on: “You are groaning with pain are thus why. recalls, then he breath taking earlier that Ashok that two speakers village has become biwi harpy! and he said that we have any my grain stolen someone killed him I buried jungles of!

He is saying that now I never fall village water is not a man and every amawasya that until his soul death until they will get peace yu hi about not remain logo, but one person who killed on time godsend Ashok that some people said address this village, is not a sin which i it that a Hindu she has worked on buried which also has a distress due to his village is I hear! It Dinesh also there and things were recovered and he was afraid flythe its hearing and began to say he can never become, he said no time and he has been with grain: Some Villagers said amawas itself will find that who was killed him that all people who will go to their homes! reams will be seen! Dinesh, 12 were only on the face of it was played with the rushes and his wife and persuasively that we are now not left from today three days later he would enter proceeding to kill amawasya 7 bid you haven’t become insane is correct, what has become sick guarded, who killed harpy we would enter ay same Ashok’s wife was buried dead which we jungle what I was saying that all the villagers: Yes!

All these things had taken by misrepresenting or concealing Ashok has sun! Why so scared to say and unknown brother noblest heritagetruth will be killed who ‘not Dinesh ay I about your sister-in-law was telling that enter it! again went up Dinesh on Ashok became the nights cowed was very bad dream was to see that time I fear also! he and his wife were very disturbing that earlier he imagines was his wife, and that it was their thinks maregi me! Both were afraid whether they should I was not bar walked such third day AMAWAS two days. This was village cowed all these people who were talking today is not known death! evening, all these people were the closed door were so night at a village was woken Ashok, was out of it does so, the hour to villagers manhush !! all the villagers were afraid of wait was! Dogs were not known what doomsday bark is coming! suddenly heard the sound of a woman cries of all the people were afraid of he understood it has come!


Ashok has observed that one women politicians is coming its and the child kikre masks on moonlit night I was brightness his eyes! he first, fright it you have come to my bidding which was not taken news that where I came establishment of these villagers you also i bounds address is when you were outside that day and all these people that day was grain Chura liya told me! yes I know that there is some but I have never you on this situation could not even think I and my brother to kill you come here for”Go Back, everything will be OK had longed solace I pray to the Vedas loudly would not! he should also bounds, with me that you have become like these villagers. What will correct khak solace Now I come to destroy this village and bounds what appears that I am not on your brother to this day i am committed for what and how much tyipi not leaving her one who is today that death both i will you cannot do not! Ashok Meanwhile, I let you forget view that you may not I withdraw my husband”I think I will go! he tried to stop her that he has killed Ashok to such a shock Ashok air I come up and he was udata fell unconscious!

All this was watching from the holes biwi gate Dinesh said: I have received gate and that his wife’s hair tune of things, I bid harpy wrested coin is everything he now you do not choudugi Dinesh evacuated Beevi, heart sliced of his heart yes ha ha ha now I will now it is the turn of some comforts once your where is hidden coin and also ears open speakers you yes village’s Sun people coming to all of you not even amawas bchoge duing Yes Yes Yes yes is very teased! You people and which was there and laugh jungles of! Come out all the villagers and water and Ashok raised! he recovered his sister-in-law i killed brought to see it has come out until he lamented Dinesh also see this all its also visually walked tears village was stopped! Unhabbited morning his body from all the villagers enrich Dinesh was saying that its due to bad we all people be eradicated from one day all such due to its yes villagers only for us it is not even! Create problem, it with his brother hell jhelege tune risks!

Will certainly help us solace, Ashok silent! it, any which no decoration of solace send our for help can save the now is proceeding Banda well! Email when the film is i Mr Willen Lim! Also, a hero is necessary to be: Whether Ajay Devgan or Sunil Shetty! The next part, let the story, all people now is engaged to pray to Lord bus holiness is proceeding from problem, we must now is your refuge Prabhu, bus solace i pretext forget those who forget them. If they remember is called is in grief to all suniran kre and unhappiness, and I not koy suniran which, I expect to happiness, misery Houy Sy! Email solace even larger chama O merciful, immediately, the village is before coming to the death of any solace to the village has sent a friste i to accept his name was a great he was good Banda solace! he was passing from there from any work! Therefore, he thought of the was why nor do I moaning throughout night! he overspend here that the sword waist and ongoing given village waist i reached wearing clothes like kings he friendless village i the Kauravas born some people who had come from where he said that I am massive and any work was passing from here, the thought why nor do I stand here stands good moaning throughout night one village has great which you are the he was sent of people frista Says Lord!

He said yes some people say: All people fell its feet like our sun Lee solace i sent you save friste great proceeding proceeding from proceeding save people that harpy people who can help our people tumhi: what are great ay it be gone all stand! then what is now showcause standing, so you are terrified why ay village people killed one amine harpy we all I would “I will not let everything has come all tell me what happened, village and Dinesh and speakers threw everything Soviets Ashok was invited and what happened greed said Dinesh call which i bad testimony to this village with you and our let child and Ashok you their large brother, brother never sorry two Ashok i ever happened anger but you people think that I am sorry to anger, brother me and he instructed by him for Dinesh leg kissing Dinesh tears were taken out from the eyes of two great said: then our Have you logo and day after tomorrow AMAWAS is at the is exactly what to how to arrange for people because now you fearless hoke is their homes! I do i so morning I would tell all the villagers had! Virat with sweets and food and many years earlier and rich bed of guest nmaji morning to Virat has told to collect all the speakers village village was getting a time, then I told them that I will enter to kill all of us together: I provides all proceeding is to what should be the entire village i ujala! yesterday night.

Should not be of any house bin daylight like the entire village deepawali punishment to two and all people outside the house rent my in front of the eyes of his house and Dinesh you i there with content of worships bethoge I convey that information, later on from here and you funding lingusitic mantra robes betoken and two people with jungle Ashok you I enter the body to the grave planted by A. Now all bounds tomorrow morning elements will here people should preparation of that day when all night but this was past! early morning wait great has all preparations have been collected village are speakers and said yes villagers his house-I have put all Deepak handy are all preparations are: He said to! evening You two people in this people Ashok abhmantrit where is it you lemon grave where this will be also it is same grave and it lehsun malaye of their own people but I also have touched people put it throat he may also will not whether they apprehend view that you some any call this mala will try to land you this Otherwise it will vote will kill mistake to go now you keep its attention by people and they all jungles of hoes, the people here were of the said sitting on his aasan o wait isease Dinesh was sitting on the night of worships them but were at that any’s feet heard that all people are on tread began to look, whether there are fikre a woman has been the white saree I!

He village and then further light at night I stopped he saw that bethe out all the villagers are not afraid of any thing like that he chillayi from it is dying ay murkho that so soon ha ha ha, it should vigorously people he air all that all Deepak went off all people ran village I was there are gleams dikhe never happened on it never happened while you all enxt ha ha ha now see it to these village great said stunted”I said they find me speakers from time to all this dialect who is thy! It is my name and a massive spoken by the without loss from here otherwise I will kill sympathy for those harpy noblest heritagetruth coin me, this House has helped me ha ha those very far from its power he feke and she wall, I request Government to come clock virat sikhan it must have come lessons think he attacked his sword out and he was totally vanished passed its wise vacant now disappeared bus was giving voice heard! Virat has appealed to solace and eyes he said now look opened their his sword he now communicated to his injury at Sri Dinesh is undertaken massive and lapki has read mantra Prabhu my papo i to me never sorry two i further will not forget this Dinesh was repeating such! and he was its top! he worships funding lingusitic i lapki before that massive has given his sword out and its stomach i ghused sword he was his stomach chillayi come across that shatter nickel He come across elevating the jungles of coming and which was there Ashok and its email to get that they were excavate grave him any of them he understood yelling sound of their coming time of dig the corpse of increased speed and that they were found to sack the scraping!

He arrived come there they attacked them nothing on them as he wanted to he fell ddor he garlic in carrying tax from distance was being chillaye light great until he view from scorpions! he view while pursue it also reached come there he said quickly in this body their hands were burned two kaap was also not match water and he was not being not not chillaye left me matchbox view not only two it light fire burn it seemed charred and he also charred7 come body was not come up on me should come to me merciful and he has come to come to come come piles of ashes I became different virat has given to those threes this whole villages and he came back to the villages were very happy now! Everyone has great thanked the early morning should walk great said now I have come in the eyes of village tears speakers all! and all the Rama Virat Wazir.

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