Baal Paheliya

Baal Paheliya



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1. There is no cork on black,

Long but the serpent is not long.

Eats force, not tire,

Do not bend but bend.

Answer : – Peak

2. Queen of Black Forest,

Red-drinks water

Answer : – Khatmal

3. Come home to your own,

Give the name of three letters.

The two of the beginning may be over,

Tell the date from the last two.

Answer : – Guests

4. Not sick

Still eats the pill.

Children, old men scared,

Listen its quote

Answer : – Gun

5. I will quench a puzzle,

Sprinkle the chopped head to the head

Answer : – cucumber


6. Not chewing people,

Kadva Rasa coincidence in the wood

Tooth brush

Speak the matter understood.

Answer : – Dantun

7. Four drivers ride one,

The masses behind him are heavy.

Answer : – Murder

8. I am bitter,

Why do you come tears?

Answer : – Onions

9. The camel’s meeting, the deer move,

Say who he is the wrestler

Answer : – Frog

10. Black mouth red body,

Paper that account

Stomach every morning

Someone takes them away

Answer : – Letter Box

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