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Baal Paheliya



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1. Green Dundee, Red Command,

Tauba, Humiliation Humans

Answer : – Chillies

2. Without a torso formed tomorrow,

Stool becomes headless

Slightly cut off the legs,

Letter only three

Answer : – Lotus

3. My name for three letters,


Answer : – Ship

4. One from the water

Not many put on the scale

A cold winter shade,

Have not found a sit down.

Answer : – Shower

5. We saw a strange,

Cold in front of the sun.

Do not panic in the sun,

The face hangs on the sun

Answer : – Sunflower


6. Layer is frozen on the back,

Know it only wisdom

If you open the napkin then,

Will you recognize

Answer : – Book

7. Black Honda, Bala Bhat,

Take the brother hands -that

Answer : – Shrighada

8. Elephant, horse not camel,

Do not eat grass, grass.

Always walk on the earth,

Yes or sometimes sad

Answer : – Bicycle

9. I green, my baby black,

Leave me, my children ate.

Answer : – Cardamom

10. There are four queens and one is King,

Their own share of work

Answer : – Thumb and fingers

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