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1. The camel’s meeting, the move of the buck,

The animal which is not able to cure it.

Answer : – Frog

2. Neither Kashi, nor Kabadham,

Bin, who is going to fly

There is a thing like water

Tell her name fast

Answer : – Petrol

3. Voice, not human,

The young is not the mark

Answer : – Ovidi cassette

4. The fragrance is not rose,

Colorful but not alcohol.

There is aroma, no love letter,

It’s poison but not the rose.

Answer : – Perfume

5. Start the salt then become salt,

Cut the middle ear.

After the end, Kana became,

Who does not know his father, the devil

Answer : – Law


6. Green box, yellow house,

Kallu Ram sitting in it.

Answer : – Papaya and seeds

7. Make it fall,

Run me miles

Tell me its name,

Put us here

Answer : – Cycle

8. The cat’s tail in hand,

Cats are in Allahabad.

Answer : – Kite

9. The new treasure came home,

The world is in the din.

The new charisma,

Name this Yogi’s name

Answer : – Television

10. Small thread,

The whole thing took away.

Answer : – Telephone



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