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Baal Paheliya



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1. A palace is twenty-two closeted all,

If you open the door, neither the king, the watchman.

Answer : – Onion

2. My name for three letters,

The first cut is made of bunu.

If the end is cut,

I cut the middle

What is my name?

Answer : – Patio

3. A horse whose six tails two sum,

And the scene looked like a rump on the back.

Answer : – scales


4. Of course, hand in hand,

He has won with you

Answer : – Shadow

5. A puzzle is always alive,

Out of the dead, out of the dead, alive from the dead

Answer : – Egg

6. That which is in you is not in it,

The flag which is in the flag is not in the poles

Answer : – H

7. The knot from the forehead, the back from the cobbler.

Happened to the hounds, I understand the puzzle.

Answer : – Scorpions

8. The waist binds in the corner,

The big day is now standing.

Answer : – Broom

9. Seeing the water very strange,

Dunked in the draconian, the branches, the birds can be thirsty

Answer : – Dew

10. Cut, fees

Share, but do not eat

Answer : – Tashpath

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