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1. There are four birds,

There are four colors.

All around,

With four sitting when together,

Engaged only one color

Answer : – Pages

2. Soft in touching,

Luvani in Surat,

Pearls and water in the day at night

Answer : – Dew

3. Three letters have their name,

The food that comes to eat

Become an end to the solution,

Cut the middle and become air.

Answer : – Move

4. Green hat, red booth,

In the stomach is the beads of pearls

Answer : – Red Pepper


5. A woman is such,

The color of which is muddy

She is engaged with Piya,

With lights in the sky,

Runs in darkness

Answer : – Shadow

6. Do not want me to engine,

Do not want to eat,

Climbing up to me,

Do your journey well

Answer : – Cycle

7. A little water in the rhythm,

Below it in Lal Bhavani

Answer : – Puri

8. Cut off etc.,

The end is the end

Three letters Madhuri,

The particles are stored in the particle.

Answer : – Words

9. Burns without oil

He walks without feet,

Take the light

Removes the darkness.

Answer : – Sun

10. Green in hand, red in the mouth,

Tell me what’s cute darling red

Answer : – Pages

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