Sewa ka adarsh motivational stories

Sewa ka adarsh motivational stories   Once Yudhisthira made the Rajasurya yagya. Many people invited. Lord Krishna also came. They said to Yudhishtir – Everyone is working. Give me some work too. Yudhishthar looked at him and said – we have no work for you. Sri Krishna says – but I do not want to

Prarabdha and manushar motivational stories

Prarabdha and manushar motivational stories   In ancient times Malav lived a Brahmin in the country, which was a very devout and gentle man. His name was – Yajnadatta! Yajnadutt also had two sons, whose names were black and white.   Kalnemi and Vedhbhai were just small that their father Yajnadatta died. The responsibility of

Patliputar ki kahani motivational stories

Patliputar ki kahani motivational stories   Long ago, a South Indian Brahmin lived in Kankhal area of ​​Haridwar. He had three sons. On being young, Brahmin sent him to the rajghat to get education. When the three returned home after completing their education, his father died a few days later. After the father’s death, he

Neki ka inaam motivational stories

Neki ka inaam motivational stories   NEHA was a very naive girl. Deceit was not touched by it. Contrary to his nature he had a sister – name was Reena. Reena was cunning, deceitful and lazy. With NEHA nature had done a great injustice, her mother had been living in childhood only. The family had

Maya motivational stories

Maya motivational stories   What is Maya? Delusion What seems to be, it seems to be true, this is the illusion. The body is everything, there is confusion. Destroyed things are eternal, there is confusion. House-property, my-teri, delusion. Relationship is true, delusion is … this is Maya. Me, mine, yours, yours And the person who

Lohjang ki katha motivational stories

Lohjang ki katha motivational stories   Lord Krishna’s birthplace is Mathura city on this earth. There lived a prostitute named KANIKA. His mother Makardhishra was very ugly and humble. He used to do the work of the kettle. The young man coming to KANIKA was very sad to see his mother. Once KANIKA went to

Ganesh ji motivational stories

Ganesh ji motivational stories   Ganesha ji is a destructive and quickly happy god. If someone prays for Ganesh ji with a true mind, then Gauri Nandan is immediately pleased and bless him. Anyway, the place where Ganesha resides, both of his wives, Riddhi and Siddhi also live with him, the arrival of both his

Chaar chokidaar motivational stories

Chaar chokidaar motivational stories   Was a king. There were no fuss in his kingdom at any time. The people were very happy. There was a small state of the other king with his kingdom, but the days in which he used to be fighting-fights. People used to fight each other. His subjects were very
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