Danvir vikramaditya motiavtional stories

Danvir vikramaditya motiavtional stories


One day Raja Vikramaditya was addressing the court, only when somebody informed that a Brahmin wanted to meet him. Vikramaditya said that the Brahmin should be brought in. When Brahmins met him, Vikram asked for the purpose of his arrival. The Brahmin said that he has not come from the will of any donation but has come to explain to him something.


He explained that a pillar appears in Sunrise in Mansarovar, which goes up till the Sun’s light spreads, and when the sun’s heat is at its peak then it touches the sun. As the heat of the sun decreases it becomes small and dissolves in water as soon as the sun sets. There was a curiosity in Vikrama’s mind that what Brahmin said about it.


Brahmin was curious about his curiosity and he said that he has come as a messenger of Lord Indra so that he can record the defense of his self-confidence. He said that the Sun God is proud that no one in the whole universe can bear their heat except the sea God.

Devraj Indra does not agree with this. He believes that a king of the deceased, who is blessed with his sympathy, can not approach the heat of the sun and go near them. That’s the king you are King Vikramaditya understood everything now. He thought that even by giving us life, he would go to the Sun God and greet him and protect the confidence of the Devraj.

He gave a proper donation to the Brahmin and gave a dakshina and began to think of ways to give up his plan. He was happy that the Gods also consider them worthy. On the second day after dawn, he left his state and left. In solitary confusions, he remembered both of the two supplications provided by Mata Kali. Both of them were present at the helm.


He told Vikram that he knew everything about that pillar. Both of them brought them to the banks of Mansarovar. At night, when he was cut off at a green place full of greenery and dawn, he glanced at the place from which the pillar appeared. The sun’s rays touched the water of Mansarovar that a pillar appeared.

Vikram instantly swam and reached that pillar. As soon as the record reached the pillar, the water started stirring and the waves started to touch the feet of Vikram. As the sun’s heat grew, the pillar continued to grow. In the afternoon, the pillar came closer to the sun. By then, the body of Vikram was completely ashes away. When the Sun God found a human being burned on the pillar, it was not long before he realized that there would be no other than Vikram. They found the claim of Lord Indra to be absolutely true.


He raised Vikram from the blood of the nectar and lifted his golden horoscope and offered him a gift. The specialty of those horoscopes was that they would never give any desired object. If the Sun God extended his chariot in the direction of the odd, then the pillar started decreasing. At sunset, the pillar fell completely and Vikrama floated on the water. Swim came to the banks of the lake and recalled the two guests.

The barricades brought them back to the place from where they took them to the lake. Vikram walked on foot towards his castle. A Brahmin found a few miles away and demanded that horoscope from them. Vikram gave them both horoscopes without hesitation. They did not bother at all.

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