Daya is coming over the ghost, unlimited mercy real mystery story

Daya is coming over the ghost, unlimited mercy real mystery story


Just recently, VIJAY came in this town. A town that was gradually taking the form of a city. Around this far, the under-construction buildings were scattered. Somewhere, there were many buildings in the neighborhood, so there was a silent siege somewhere. Far from far away, there was no single house or one or two half empty slums were seen in some other area.

In fact, VIJAY’s elder brother AJAY was working as a daily wage in this town. He had also called VIJAY for work. VIJAY BA was near and his brother had told him that he would get a job as a supervisor in this town and for this, he talked to two people.

In the midday of the june, VIJAY was running towards the address given by the brother who ran the cycle. On a rough road, he was driving fast bicycles. She was completely frustrated with sweat. He slowed the bicycle and moved towards a Katrina shop looking nearby. After reaching the Katrina shop, she showed the address written to the shopkeeper on the paper and started moving forward on the raw path brought by the shopkeeper.

Now VIJAY had just passed a little ahead that he got a boy of 8-10 years. The boy indicated that VIJAY would stop and said, uncle, will you take me too? VIJAY stopped and showed that address and told that it must be reached here. Then the boy said that he knows this address and he has to go there too. Then what was VIJAY sitting next to the boy on the bicycle and started talking with him some things .

After about 5-7 minutes, the boy pointed to VIJAY building on a building, and said that this is the same building which you are asking for. Then the boy said that Uncle, before you do your work, then my house is a little further, leave me there. VIJAY responded and turned his bicycle towards the building being built. As soon as he reached the building, he found a man who was perhaps a readman. VIJAY showed that paper to the person and asked if this address is right here, right? The readman asked yes and asked whom do you want to meet? On this VIJAY told the readman that from Mr. Misirji .

The readymen said that Missirji was here but he just left. Now they will meet only after one hour. No problem, I will come again in an hour, when Missirji comes, you will tell that AJAY’s younger brother VIJAY had come. I’ll just leave this child at his house. The readman asked which child? On this, VIJAY pointed to that 8-year-old child saying that it. The readman felt a bit awkward because he was not seeing any child but he told to avoid the matter that he is okay, but come for an hour, because after 2-3 hours of mishirji coming, then you will be out of here . VIJAY started filling the cycling cycle. Still, VIJAY was being watched by shrinking the watchman’s mouth.

VIJAY re-cycling on the path stated by the child. After running a bicycle for about 20-25 minutes, he reached a secluded area. The land of this area was completely rugged and wild. There were so-called bush plants everywhere. There were also some small potholes somewhere. VIJAY asked the child from the cottage, “Do you live in this area?” The child said yes and said yes, uncle, I live in this area.

Pointing to a place like a ruined place in front, he said that Uncle, I live here. You leave me here, now I will go In the brain of VIJAY, it is going to meet Misirazi, it should not be late, this was the case. Of course, without asking anything else from the child, she took the child out there and started cycling on the same path again by turning the cycle fast. After running 20-25 minutes bicycle, he came back to his address. The readymen said that Missirji has come and saying so much by saying that he would take it inside and inside the building. Inside Missirji was talking to some people. After the introduction by the Womanman, VIJAY gave birth to Mrsirji’s Pangalgagi. Then the conversation happened and after mesir ji said that after coming to work from tomorrow.

Thankfully, VIJAY left the building while thanking Mississippi. After exiting the building, VIJAY was feeling very calm because he was running around for 10-12 days in search of work. He came to the bicycle and fired the bike from the stand and started diving as soon as he started moving forward.
He was suffering a little bit of hunger now because it was about 11-12 o’clock and so far no one drank water.

Dugarate-Durgatte cycle came back to the same Katrina shop. Having reached the Katrina shop, she raised her bicycle on the stand and went inside the shop to eat something. When he entered the shop, he sat on a broken stool and asked the shopkeeper to bring a laddu. The shopkeeper wrapped a laddus in the paper and also brought a world water and a glass of glass. Laddoo account- suddenly looked at VIJAY’s photograph in a shop with a pillar hanging in a thorn, on which a floral roll was placed. Seeing the photo of the child and the flowering on it, VIJAY slowly asked the shopkeeper what is your boy? The shopkeeper said with a sad heart, ‘Yes, Babu! This is my boy. What was its age now? The world was not even properly seen, but no one’s choice was made before God’s will.



After listening to such things of the shopkeeper, VIJAY got up slowly and approached the photo and started looking at him with a smile. After seeing the photo carefully, he suddenly remembered something and sweat with his face also sweated. Her whole body started vibrating. Without saying anything he sat back in his place. The shopkeeper chipped tea in VIJAY’s glass saying that Babu, everyone has to go, but it is good to go from time to time. This boy was very promising and helpful. Helping everyone, even the strangers.

All the people in this area wanted it very much. It was fully acquainted with this newly created area. Whenever an unknown person asks an address, it does not just know the address, but that person came to leave at that address. Because of this, all people loved it very much. It was about 1 month ago, one day a stranger (unknown) came to my shop, he had to go to the place where you are coming from.My son arrived there with those adventures. On that day, work was being done to construct Pat on the second palace of that building. I do not know what happened to my son’s mind that he got on a pat. Now that pat was not fully tied. His foot slipped or did not know what happened that he fell down on Pat and some people from there got him and went to the hospital till his life was flying. After saying this, the shopkeeper’s eyes were overwhelmed.

Now Vijaya was feeling a bit relaxed but she was not wondering how to tell the shopkeeper that this boy had just reached that address. Even before VIJAY said something, the shopkeeper said again, Babu, then we took it to Muradia and buried it. The shopkeeper also told in the same thing that this murdhiya is only a little ahead of the address you asked.

Then suddenly a tear of VIJAY came out and she told the crying shopkeeper, “Kaka, this boy still carried us to that address, and then I took it to Mudhia and left it.” Because this boy was telling that it remains there, but I did not go to the place of living with it.

Now the shopkeeper started crying bitterly and said, Babu, he must be mine, because yesterday he had sent someone to some address but when the person told him, I had said that it can not be . Because it has been months since my Munna has gone, but today when this incident happened with you, now I am convinced that she will be mine and she will stay near her shop by coming from Mudhia.

Now the matter of shopkeeper and VIJAY was going on, that the Wife’s addresser who came to VIJAY also came to drink tea. On seeing him, the shopkeeper started giving tea to him. The reader asked VIJAY while drinking tea, Babu told one thing. When you went to me then I did not see anyone with you, yet you were saying that I am going to leave this child.

At that time I could not understand anything. On this the shopkeeper again cried and said that Babaman Babu, he was mine and therefore you may not have seen him. Now the readman had cleared all the things, because he had heard how many strangers had heard in the last 15-20 days that he was leaving the child.

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