Ek Saccha Aadmi motivational stories

Ek Saccha Aadmi motivational stories


It is a matter of Arab country. Was a king. He was very handsome. He had no shortage of things.

One day the king went on to fight. He had a lot to eat and drink so that he needed three hundred camels to load it.


Unfortunately, he was defeated by the enemy and was taken captive. His chef stood beside him.

The king said – I am hungry. Prepare some food.

The cook had a piece of meat left over. He put it in the dough and kept it boiling. It would have been nice to find some greens and some vegetables, he thought he was in search.


A dog came in there. With the smell of meat, he put his mouth in the dustbin. Incidentally, his mouth stuck in the dustbin.

He tried very hard to get rid of his mouth. When the mouth did not get out, he ran away from there with the help of Durga.


When the king saw that scene, he laughed loudly. A sentry was nearby. He was surprised by the king’s laughter. He said – you are in such a trouble even then you are laughing. What’s the matter?


The King replied – I am laughing that till yesterday, the need for three hundred camels was needed to carry my kitchen goods, now a dog is enough for him.

Someone has rightly said that everyone is happy in happiness, but the real man is the one who can laugh even in trouble.

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