Friends Shayari9

Friends Shayari


**When you came to meet you, remembering yesterday’s life, the tiredness of life started again, but when you heard the name of someone else’s name, then again the darkness of the new moon came again.

**Why did my awakened hope was awakened … If the heart had to burn, then why did you put a heart … if it had to fall, we could see it like this … Then why did I put it to the liver.

**Medicine is pain in chest, medicine has given her medication. My queen has given me the punishment of whom I have believed that you have left me for all my life, but God has prayed for laughing with you.

**Gulshan was dressed in flowers, but the thorns blossomed in the kindergarten garden. There is no one to say, with whom we share heartache.

**Do not ask my heart, your heart will be scattered, do not teach it to anyone, if you listen to this pain of your heart, then the tears of yours also get out .

**Ishq, who gave us pain, gave us a cry, only he forgot us, we used to live only in his memories, but he only mixed the poison in memories.

**What do I and I do not understand all the secrets are coming in the Tanahians and how to cry and see everyone laughing.


**Someone weeping and crying, someone weeping and crying to us, crying and weeping is the only fun to die … when the murderer also came and cried at the Janja.

**I can not hide his memories in any corner, I can never forget his face smile. If he just walked, he would forget his memories but I could not understand this broken heart.

**How quickly the life goes away, the thirsty roasting does not go away. Your memory comes like this does not sleep but the night passes.

**People leave their own make-up, they break away from their relationships and join garrison. We can not break a flower, how are people breaking hearts.

**Nobody in the world does anything for anyone, not everyone dies with the person who dies. Hey! Far away from the point of death. There is life here even then nobody remembers.

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