Health is the biggest capital motivational story

Health is the biggest capital motivational story


Once upon a time a rich man lived in a village. He had no shortage of money but he was too lazy. He used to do all his work from the servants and himself slept or reaped all the time, he slowly went down completely. He feels like I am the master of all, because I have a lot of money, I can buy anything. Thinking like that, he used to slept day and night.

But it is said that there is bad consequence of bad thinking. That’s what happened to that person. For some years, he felt as if his body was already getting relieved from seeing him, he was troubled by moving his legs. He had a lot of money. He called a big doctor from the city and spent a lot of money but his body could not be cured. She became very sad.

Once a sadhu was passing through that village he heard about the disease of that person. So he told Seth’s servant that he can treat his illness. After hearing this, the servant went to Seth and told everything about the sadhu. Now Seth immediately summoned the monk to his place but the sadhus said that he will not come to Seth if Seth is to be cured then he himself comes here. Seth got very upset because he was helpless and did not know again.


But when the sadhus are not ready to come, they come hard to reach the monk with courage. But the monk was not there. Seth came back from a sad heart; now this rule of daily routine has been done. Sadhu called him everyday, but when Seth came he could not find any. Three months passed like this. Now Seth began to feel as if she is recovering, her legs are slowly reducing.

Now Seth understood that everything came from the sadhus everyday. After 3 months of continuous, her body was cured. Then the sadhu told Seth that son earns much money in life but there is no wealth greater than a healthy body. Friends, this same thing applies to our daily lives too much to earn money but there is no capital more than a healthy body.


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