Love Shayari1

Love Shayari


**When someone wants to see the eyes,

   the heart is relieved by seeing it,

   how can anyone forget when someone becomes someone else’s habit.

**In the absurdity,

   we had taken an intention to do this hearted desire more than the extent that they would not be       able to play it but they joke and we made the promise.

**Look, in my eyes,

   whose thoughts are this,

   what are the storms in my heart,

   you say that no one comes through my heart,

   then who are those footprints.

**The days pass away Suhani memories become a thing, but by becoming a story, the love will always be close to the heart, sometimes a smile and sometimes water.

**Where did you go and where the guest came into the world, now the book of love was opened, and I do not know how many tests have come.


**In which you are not my wish is incomplete. Whatever you get, life is full. It is my pleasure. I am lucky with everyone else, it is my compulsion.

**When the heart breaks then the voice does not come, everyone does not come to love. It is a matter of self-destiny that no one forgets and nobody remembers.

**I have been in love with you. This world has become beautiful. God wants you every day. I wish I have been worshiped.

**Do not believe that you will never accept the heart, but you will be able to hide what is in your eyes, whenever you hide in our heart, you will find our picture.


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