Maa ka hath ho to bhoot bhi na paas aaye

Maa ka hath ho to bhoot bhi na paas aaye real mystery story


McQ was running his car in the darkness of the night. Macu liked to drive himself and travel far and wide. His friend Ramesh was sitting on Macu’s seat. They were both going from Mumbai to Darshan of Maihar Bhagwati. Maccu’s parents explained that the son was so long distance that you did not consider Mecca to travel by train but only with the car was his car. It will be around 2 o’clock in the night. The car was going on the road. By staying, ace-dukkha trucks also passed away.



Suddenly there was some discrepancy in the car and Macu stopped the car on the roadside. The Macu got down from the car and opened the bonnet and started investigating. His friend Ramesh was sitting in the car. After quite a few moments, Maku asked Ramesh to turn on the car. But this was Ramesh’s repeatedly turning the keys, but the car was not taking the name of the startup. Something was not understood at what they both did so night. Suddenly a thought came in Ramesh’s mind and he stood on the road and started pointing at the hands to stop the trains coming to Ekkhi-Dekkhi. But no train was ready to stop. It may also happen that due to the time of night and the deserted area, there is no need to take risk. Because robbery was a common practice in highway and night.

Suddenly, he saw a car stopping to come near him. Baba was looking like a car at the time of Adam or would say, like a king-king’s car. At the end of the car, Macau ran away to that car. In that car there were 3 people apart from the driver. One of these 3 women and one teenager was there. Macu started talking to people sitting in the car that my car got spoiled. If there is a settlement or a garage in the nearby area, then he should be reached there. Upon hearing the matter, the driver of that car landed down and removed a thin wire from his car’s diggings. McQ was able to understand something until the driver tied Macu’s car with his car. After tieing the car, the driver indicated that McQ was sitting in his steering seat. Ramesh also sat on the adjacent seat of Macau as he sat on Meku’s stairing.


Now, by pulling their car, the old car started moving forward from a raw path. Macau and Ramesh looked relaxed, they were not afraid of any kind because the passenger of this old car seemed to be from a wealthy family. After about 15-20 minutes, his car stood in front of an old mansion. Macau and Ramesh had come down from their car. His driver came out with the second car and said in a loud voice that you guys go in. By now called the mechanic, your car will be fixed and after that you will go out on your way. Without me, Maku and Ramesh entered that old mansion with that driver.


Heveli was very big and it looked very old, and one thing was surprising to Macu and Ramesh that why this mansion looks so dirty while living with such rich people. There were hangings in place. Weird type of boo was also coming. Macu and Ramesh were tightly grasping the hands of each other in the back of the old driver inside the mansion. Suddenly, a middle-aged woman who was looking a little bit scary seemed to gesture to the driver in the gesture. The driver, Macu and Ramesh, went towards the other side, pointing behind that middle-aged woman.


The half-lady woman took her to a big room. This room was good but it was shocking that how could this beautiful, furnished room be in this old, dirty mansion. The room was full of milk light but where was this light coming from, there was no way to know anything. Macu and Ramesh sat on the luxurious chairs in the room.
Their zeal had begun, but now both of them looked a lot of things strange. Now at least 12-15 people had gathered in that large room. There was a fragrance of tasty food, and then there was a stroll around.

McQ used to travel far and wide the day I came. He used to go anywhere, night and day. He had faith in the ghost, but he was quite fearless. He believed himself to be a great devotee of Mother Maiharwali and at least twice a year used to visit Mother. The mother’s garland was always hanging around her neck and in the upper pocket of her shirt a small Durga Chalisa Whenever he got a little time, he used to remove this chalisa and read it.

But today the intrepid Macu had started feeling that he and his friend were trapped in a big trouble. The behavior of the people around him seemed to be strange startling at times. Maku still did not scare and took courage. He pointed towards his friend and pointed to sitting on a couch nearby and also said in the gesture that if you hold tightly and hold my hand tightly, then not at all.

Well, it was a matter of fact, now that Macu and Ramesh were sitting on the couch, there was a luxurious mirror (mirror) nearby. Macu was looking in the mirror with a tearful eyes. Ramesh felt awkward and wondered why macu got up from those chairs and sat on this couch. Perhaps it was understandable that Mikey Ramesh had raised the issue. He pointed to see him in the mirror. What is this, whenever Ramesh saw in the mirror, he lost his cottage and pill. His face turned yellow in fear.


In fact, good people walking in that room looked terribly awesome in this glass. Ramesh’s kaleja came to his mouth so terrible. He was completely drenched with sweat He also saw in the mirror that the people drinking the water or drinking it look like blood. These people who are eating are looking for someone’s meat or bones. He was totally upset now, because he felt that it is impossible to spare both of them.


Now when they could talk to each other, an elderly, big mustache came to them only. He was covered with cotton, and behind him there were three types of servants (ghosts). He smiled and said to Macu that today is his granddaughter’s birthday. It was good that you guys also came here. Our granddaughter’s birthday will be celebrated with enthusiasm and all those involved will be wearing majestic clothes. You are asking people to change your clothes by going to the nearest room. Saying this, the old man was repeatedly watching the garland hanging in the neck of Meccu. Whenever he looked at the garland he looked a little scared. Then suddenly a beautiful teenager came there and looking at the old man, quote that grandfather, on this occasion, you are going to give me a gift. He laughed old and looked at Macau and Ramesh, and said, “Daughter, you will give me such a gift that you will wander through happiness.” By saying this, the old man screamed loudly. It seems that the whole mansion has started to sculpt in its hall. Now the atmosphere was becoming even more scary.


Well, Macau did not lose his discretion and grabbed Ramesh’s hand and went fast in the room telling him to change the costume. When Ramesh came in the room, when he began to wear his clothes with fear, Macu stopped him and said, stupid votes. Put on your clothes and at the same time, he took Durga Chalisa from his pocket and put it in Ramesh’s pocket and said, Do not be scared. I do not see how old the old man looked at the throat of my throat. Now the two of them put the precious majestic clothes on the clothes they were wearing there. After wearing clothes, Maku grabbed Ramesh’s hand tightly and said that you do not scare. With us people are my mother-in-law and these ghosts can not spoil anything between them. After that both of them came out of the room and then came to that big room and sat on the couch. The party started watching after watching.

The granddaughter of that old age was not looking less than a princess, but seeing her in the mirror, she was turning into a very ugly, scary shadow. The teenager came to Macquar with a happy heart and placed a hand on her shoulder. Hey, what should it feel like keeping the hand on the shoulder, like if the teenager had a 440-bolt currents, someone could understand something, then he went too far and fell. Now stirred there. Macu understood everything, she thought it was definitely due to her throat. As soon as the teenager fell away, many ghosts began to lift him while the old man ran to Macue and scared in a very loud voice that I had told you not to take your clothes and wear our clothes here. But you did not believe Put the garlands that you have worn on your neck, keep it off, this is our custom here.


Maku shook his head and said that he would not bring this mare in any condition and when he said so, he stood by holding Ramesh’s hand and somebody. Now the situation of that room was completely frightening. People who looked straightforward. Now they were horrible. Some of the big teeth came out, while trying to scare macro and Ramesh while doing some strange movements. But nobody was getting the courage to come to these two. Macu told Ramesh that it is about to be in the morning and in the morning it will turn away ghostly Maya. That is why we have to face them with some time and fearlessness. After that, both of them again sit on the couch and blindly stopped mother Maherwali Bhagwati. A lot of voices were coming around him, but they were being unaware of these only for the mother’s name.


After some time the voices suddenly stopped and stopped. Macu and Ramesh now open their eyes. Now there was no one other than these two. Hey Maveli too was not so, were they both dreaming? Well they both got up and ready to walk from there. The morning was about to begin and the aura of sun started slowly spreading in that forest. Suddenly, Macu went to the car and sat down and opened the door. He started the car and started running without delay. Now Ramesh was sitting next to him. They got out of the jungle and got on a raw path.


When they walked forward a few times they saw a tea stall. Maku stopped his car there and got down from the car and came into that trap. As soon as the shopkeeper came in the shop, the shopkeeper looked at Macu’s side with a little fear and said, “Sir, where are you coming from this forest in the morning? If you are not just at night … .. “. The Macu heard all the events till now, while sitting on a broken bench. The shopkeeper took a long breath and said that it was good that you saved the right answer. Otherwise many people have been victims of these ghosts that they either went crazy or were victims of some major disease. After that the shopkeeper agreed with their peers and heard them. What was passed on that shopkeeper ………. Well this story again ever.

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