Romantic Shayari3

Romantic Shayari



**Missed call is an excuse for you to steal one of your lads. Whether you talk to us or not, we have to come to your memories.

**Belief is a lanyard Love is a compulsion of heartless love, do not believe in love, and if not, then our weakness is love.

**Some faces are never forgotten; Some names do not get erased by heart; Visit or not; But the lamp of Aya Yaar Pyaar is never extinguished.

**You did not want to change the circumstances. Your tears could get out of my eyes. If you were standing like a lake water, then you could get away from it.

**Do not change now, like the weather, we wait for you in every form, or you will not be able to swear it like Qajam, we love you so much.

**People say that do not love so much that Hussein will be riding on the head! We say that make love so much that the stone heart should be loved by you too.

**If there was no separation in life then no one would have remembered anybody else if every woman had passed with it, there would not have been so much depth in Saiyad Rishto.

**Every silence does not deny the meaning of every failure, if not, then what if we could not find you only means not getting love only.


**The unique story of every flower is silence, it is also a sign of love, there is no wound, yet why is it realization that even a piece of the heart is with him even today.

**You have got from great time, you have wanted from big time. You have even tried to forget you, how you have stolen from the lines of fate.

**I am going to get a pain in my heart, I am drinking a lot of love. I do not want to do this work, I am not going to see myself being taken to the floor.

**Your separation also loves us. Your memory is very unimaginable. You are looking for those days who have lived with you again and again.

**Even in the evening is special, even if you have a feeling, then I also realize that more than this, what more do I need when I have you and you have me.

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