Romantic Shayari4

Romantic Shayari



**As auscultation, eyes flutter with eyes; I can not find them in life, but we love them very much.

**Love made an odd thing, you love God! In your own temple, your monks in your mosque cry in front of you! Not to get anybody else.

**The moment you smile at heart, you will get a glimpse of your laughter! Do not think that we will be able to give up and see if we will see us on every path.

**There is a strange addiction in your love, then all the world is anxious from us, do not you tell us so much love or heart that you tell me where your heart is.

**There is someone whose heart is waiting for it in the thoughts, it is his only pleasure, when I will loot all of them on the one who wants to have this heart waiting for.

**I said, if you do not think of your thoughts, then I should die, I will not ask you, you will come to me, I will come to you.

**Never fall, it is not amazing, but it is wonderful to fall asleep, to find someone to love, not to love but to make a place in someone’s heart is amazing.

**Emotions are distraught when you meet Armaan merges when you meet You eyes get hands with your hands, heart is filled with heart, when you meet with God.


**It is only said that love is no reason for your feelings, but instead of love, you have asked only for love, more than this, never request any more.

**Do not you see that you should be honored or you are close to what you love. Whatever pain has given you, you should not say anything to Sanam or you should remain unhindered.

**You tell me to explain to you how you want to bring him closer, so how do you know each and every person, I realize that, but how can I realize that feeling.

**They do it but Ishq’s pain does not make them feel like Ishq is that moon which is visible to everyone, but it is not the case for everyone to get it.

**Let me become that streak of your hands, only I will become your fortune so that I want you to forget that every relationship is yours and only I become the picture of all your relationships.

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